Board Of Directors

Gina Allgaier


Gina established Speakup About Drugs in 2017 after the loss of her son Tristan to overdose.  She is a marketer, dot connector and passionate voice working to prevent addiction and overdose deaths

Teresa Belew


Former Executive Director MADD Arkansas, Teresa has experience in preventing alcohol related deaths.  She brings this same passion to SAD as we work towards ZERO ADDICTION, ZERO DEATHS.

Paula Cunningham


Paula joined SAD after the loss of her son Parker Gill to overdose.  She is with Blue Cross Blue Shield and is committed to educating others about the dangers of Opioids.


The Joshua Pauley Act protects anyone seeking help for overdose from prosecution for possession.

Joshua Ashley- Pauley Act: 

Protects those seeking help for overdose from prosecution for possession

Save Lives


Know someone at risk of overdosing ? 

Carry Naloxone, Save Lives



Encourage Healthy Life Choices through educations and encouraging positive physical activites